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REACH Edmonton obtient la désignation de mentor en santé et performance au travail : Un testament d'excellence

REACH Edmonton has achieved a remarkable milestone by obtaining the Workplace Health and Performance Mentor designation, underscoring its commitment to fostering a culture of well-being and excellence. This designation is not merely an accolade but a testament to the organization's continuous efforts to prioritize the well-being and performance of its employees.

The journey towards this prestigious designation was marked by thorough assessments and employee surveys, aiming to gauge perceptions about workplace culture, well-being, and psychological health and safety. With an impressive score of 83%, surpassing the required threshold of 70%, REACH Edmonton showcased its exemplary culture of excellence and continual improvement.


The assessment encompassed a comprehensive review of policies, practices, programs, and resources supporting leadership, culture, well-being, and community connections. This evaluation, benchmarked against leading practices, provided valuable insights into areas of strength and opportunities for enhancement.


Key findings from the employee survey highlighted several strengths of REACH Edmonton's workplace culture. An overwhelming majority of respondents affirmed the presence of a supportive culture conducive to well-being and performance. Furthermore, the organization's responsiveness to feedback, robust benefits plan, and initiatives promoting well-being and team cohesion garnered high praise from employees.


Despite these commendable attributes, the survey also identified areas to improve and innovate on, such as workload management, recognition systems, and support for work-life balance. Respondents emphasized the importance of clear communication, professional development opportunities, and inclusive decision-making processes.


In response to these insights, REACH Edmonton is implementing a series of recommendations for continual improvement, including refining performance development conversations, implementing structured debrief processes, and enhancing support for workload management and team building.

Looking ahead, REACH Edmonton is poised to embark on a phased approach to address these recommendations collaboratively. By integrating measurable results and key actions into existing business practices, the organization aims to sustain its culture of excellence and further elevate employee well-being and performance.


In achieving the Workplace Health and Performance Mentor designation, REACH Edmonton has not only affirmed its commitment to its employees but also set a benchmark for organizational excellence. This accomplishment serves as an inspiration for organizations striving to cultivate healthy, high-performing workplace cultures. Congratulations to REACH Edmonton on this well-deserved achievement!

To learn more about REACH Edmonton click here. To learn more about the accreditation process click here.

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